Saturday, August 14, 2010

Giving Back

One thing I that I truly love to do is "give back" There is nothing like the satisfaction that comes from giving, and the blessings you get in return. Here a few pictures of charity quilts I have donated over the years.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What now?....

Ok, so I finally decided to take my business in a new direction... but now that I have done it is it soooo overwhelming as to what I need to do next. I sit back and I can see about 10-12 different ideas or ways I can go. UGH! Taking a deep breathe...

This week I decided, actually a couple weeks ago, that I was going to start selling fabrics - mostly catering to my customers, but also, playing around with some online selling. I had the represenative from a big fabric line at my house here this week. was unbelievable what I saw and what she left me with. I think I was in shock. The new Moda lines are stunning as usual. I cannot wait for my first shipment to arrive. Talk about eye candy....I ordered an assortment of pre-cuts in 5 different lines. Pre-cuts to me are the best things since sliced bread. They are pre-packaged fabric lines. Sold in either 2.5 inch strips, 5 inch squares or 10 inch squares. Every package contains one of the forty fabrics in the designers line. All in different shades and patterns. Did I tell you how amazing this is??? yes, I did. I can't help but say it again. Anyways, they are wonderful for a busy person that wants to create stunningly coordinated quilts with little cutting and saves you a tremendous amount of time choosing your fabrics. It is all done for you! Of course, the patterns specially designed for these pre-cuts are wonderful too... Here is a picture of one of my favorite quilts of 2009. This was made in appreciation of our Pastor and his family. Using a Moda Layer Cake and some border fabric. The line was Aster Manor.